Domestic abuse escalates from emotional abuse, and the longer we allow the people surrounding us to get away with being emotionally toxic and manipulative, the longer we continue to see little girls like Brittanee Drexel be raped and murdered. If we give people (and leaders especially) a free pass on using language that regards women as objects for sex, we stretch the rules about the rules and even worse things become okay. Donโ€™t let the norm be treating the women in your life as disposable, donโ€™t take them for granted. So much of the world leans on women to be good mothers, shaping the future. Then, weโ€™re still expected to hold a steady job and keep a clean home and food on the table. Traditional gender roles are more than just a restricting ideology. Women deserve more. Our girls deserve a better future, and our kids deserve fathers that donโ€™t run away. Love each other better.