Sophia Sears Delane and Peter Delane, my 4th great grandfather and great grandmother on my mothers side

Private Peter Delane

Service Record:  
Enlisted as a Private on 28 September 1861 at the age of 24.

Mustered Out Company I, 24th Infantry Regiment Massachusetts on 20 Jan 1866 at Richmond, VA.

Enlisted in Company I, Massachusetts 24th Infantry Regiment on 02 Oct 1861.Mustered out on 20 Jan 1866 at Richmond, VA.


DeLANE-At Faxton hospital „ Utica,

Saturday. Sept. 18 Peter DeLane, aged

72 years.

The death of Peter DeLane occurred

At Faxton hospital followings an amputation of the right leg: above the knee,

Since May he had been a resident of

Chadwick. making- his home with his

daughter, Mrs. Wm. R. Hull. He is

survived by one son, Adelbert, of Neillsville.

Wis.. and one daughter, Mrs.

Hull, besides two sisters Mrs. John

King, of Belmont, and Mrs. Sarah Gero,

of Chateaugay Lake, and four brothers.

Nelson, of Massachusetts; George, of

Oklahoma; James of Washington state,

and David of Lowville. Four half-brothers

including L. P. Laduke, of Malone,

survive. Mr. DeLane was a veteran

of the Civil war. a member of Wm. D.

Brennan Post , a kind father and will

be sadly missed.

Sophia Sears Delane was born in 1847, still doing research on her origin.

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The Malone Farmer 1909


Domestic abuse escalates from emotional abuse, and the longer we allow the people surrounding us to get away with being emotionally toxic and manipulative, the longer we continue to see little girls like Brittanee Drexel be raped and murdered. If we give people (and leaders especially) a free pass on using language that regards women as objects for sex, we stretch the rules about the rules and even worse things become okay. Don’t let the norm be treating the women in your life as disposable, don’t take them for granted. So much of the world leans on women to be good mothers, shaping the future. Then, we’re still expected to hold a steady job and keep a clean home and food on the table. Traditional gender roles are more than just a restricting ideology. Women deserve more. Our girls deserve a better future, and our kids deserve fathers that don’t run away. Love each other better.

I just hope you know, it is not. your. fault.

I̳s̳ ̳t̳h̳i̳s̳ ̳t̳h̳e̳ ̳b̳e̳s̳t̳ ̳w̳e̳ ̳c̳a̳n̳ ̳d̳o̳?̳

Putting a little into each thing until we’re all used up?

There’s not enough sun in the day

at the end we should have something

even if it’s just love

Stay away from people that take from you until you’re empty

their souls can’t ever be full

they can’t ever be happy

know your worth

don’t spend your life validating men that will always be lost

Always moving on

Always holding on

Instead of climbing up

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to all the single moms, I know it’s not all rainbows and sunshine

There’s THAT kind of mom, dragging her kid on one of those leashes, doing nothing at all to stop her kid screaming at Walmart or a restaurant. I used to be one of those people, silently judging that mom on an airplane or in the mall. I was rolling my eyes, wondering why she couldn’t just make them shut up already. But now I know it’s not that she doesn’t care, it’s just so typical. Just another day in the throes of motherhood.

Without getting into the heartbreaking details…nothing really prepared me for single motherhood. Even though I was doing all the emotional labor of child rearing when I had a “supportive” partner, nothing prepared me for the tears that came when he left us, or the overwhelming love I get to feel now as all my own everyday. It’s disheartening when there’s no one to tell about that first step or funny food face, but the smiles and sparkly eyes I get at school events and holidays is my reason for everything. So thankful God made this path so hard for us for awhile. The rewards have been sweeter than ever and the family that continues to grow around us is magical.

I walk by those messy moms in the grocery store now and share a look, hopefully to let her know I understand. I applaud her for being able to stay calm and breathe easy, to tune out her kids and speed-shop for dinner that week.

It’s important to realize that those moms you see alone with their kids aren’t just moms. They’re whole women with hopes and dreams and whole amazing futures full of art and success. But you don’t see them as that, they don’t see themselves as that, and the whole world has shut them out and forgotten how much they do to anchor the future of the world.

Even if your most important role in life is mommy, I still need you know you’re so much more than that. Strong women like us shape the future, don’t forget that.

“The Important Places”

Child of mine
Come as you grow
In youth you will learn the secret places
The cave behind the waterfall
The arms of the oak that hold you high
The stars so near on a desert ledge
The important places
And as with age you choose your own way among the many faces of a busy world
May you always remember the path that leads you back
Back to the important places



The following contribution is from Ray E. Hollenbeck.

HALENBECK FAMILY OF NEW YORK Source: National Genealogical Society Quarterly

Volume 65, June 1977, Number 2 by Robert Vincent Anderson

The following is a reprint of the above article.

Retrieved from files. This is under construction and needs to be reformatted and reorganized.

Van Laer, editor of Early Records of Albany, presumed that the founder of the New York Halenbeck family came from Hollenbek in the Dutchy of Holstein about twenty miles south of Kiel. (1) Variant spellings of the name include: Hallenbeck, Holenbek, Hollenbeck, Haulenbeck and Halenbake. The first settler was known as Casper Jacobse (i.e., Casper the son of Jacob). His sons continued the patronymic style, using the surname Casperse. In the third generation, the surname of Halenbeck came into general use, though some grandchildren used Casperse and others followed the patronymic rule.

Casper lived on Rensselaer holdings. One son remained at Albany while the other two eventually moved to what is now Greene County. A grandson settled in the Claverack- Livingston Manor area (present Columbia County) and was the ancestor of most Halenbecks of that area and of Connecticut and Massachusetts. Another grandson founded the New Jersey branch. Note that a place of baptism or marriage generally refers to the church in which the event was registered, the individuals may have lived wherever a traveling pastor went.

CASPER JACOBSE first appears in 1651 when he took the oath of allegiance at Rensselaerwyck (2) and leased a homestead from the Van Rensselaers. (3) Probably he was recently or about to be married. Van Laer infers that Casper was then a day laborer. (4) On 30 April 1652 he received a lot in Beverwyck between Jacob Adriaensz and Tunis Jacobsz. (5) In this decade he was among buyers at sales of personal effects of Lammert Cornelise, Harmen de Metselaer, and Bastizen de Winter. (6) On 22 January 1657 he set terms in notice of sale of his house and lot in Beverwyck. Harmens Jacobse was highest bidder at 810 guilders and sale was confirmed in June 1657, Casper (apparently illiterate) signing by mark “K.Y.” Harmen fled the village to avoid imprisonment for debt; so we do not know if the sale was consummated. Perhaps as an aftermath, Casper sued Cloes Hendrickse 10 September 1658 and was sued by Harmen Vedder. (6) In 1663 he received another lot. (5) On 3 April 1677 he asked for and was granted an extra rod of land up on the hill. (7) When he made his will in 1685 he owned one lot measuring 40 by 20 rods and another measuring 27 rods by 8 rods 5 feet – less than four acres. (6) One of these lots was on the side of the hill “near the Plein” next to property of Peter Winne beyond which was the Ruttenkill. (5)

Casper and his family are not on the Dutch Church membership list, being Lutherans. In May 1678 he collected beaver from Harme Gansevourt “for their minister. (7) There is a doubtful identification of him as Casper, the skipper, but no record to indicate he owned a boat.

Casper made his will 9 September 1685. (6) In the 1686 charter setting out the bounds of Albany mention is made of pasture late in tenure and occupancy of Casper Jacobse. (2) In 1687 he is called an old man with failing physical capacity. (8) He is said to have lived until August 1703, but cannot be identified in the 1697 census. (9)

The name of Casper’s wife is not found. Based upon subsequent naming patterns in the family, she might have been named Maritje or Elizabeth with the patronymic Jans or Isaacs.

Children of Casper Jacobse by an unidentified wife, all presumably born in the Albany area, order uncertain:

Jacob Casperse, adult by 1677.

Annetje (Casperse), unnamed by patronymic in any record, is here identified as daughter of Casper by baptismal associations. As the (unnamed) widow of Hendrick Ver Wie, she requested 2 Dec. 1684 that her brother Isaac Casperse and brother-in-law Hendrick Lansing be appointed to administer he late husband’s estate. (7) Unless her mother had an earlier marriage, Annetje must have been dau. Of Casper Jacobse. The estate report included considerable livestock and a lot a Lubberden (Troy area). Jacob Casperse was also an administrator 27 Jan 1685/85. (7) Her children are mentioned but not named; apparently she had no son old enough to act as administrator. The problem of identifying her children is complicated by the co-existence of two men named Hendrick Ver (or Van) Wie. The other was Hendrick Gerritse, mortally wounded in the Canadian Expedition in 1691, (7) and whose widow Eytie Ariaanse married in Albany Dutch Church in 1692, Andries Jacobsz Gardinier. All recorded boys and three girls appear to be children of Hendrick Gerritse. Though Hendrick and Annetje probably had daughters, they can not properly be distinguished in the records from children of Hendrick Gerritse, Cornelius and Teunis Ver Wie. A possible child of Hendrick and Annetje is Maria Verwey (Ver Wie), m. Albany Dutch Church, bans 7 Oct. 1688, Henderik Pydt (sic. Reydt) of Long Island.

Jan Casperse, adult by 1681.

Elizabeth Casperse, wife of Hendrick Lansing, was probably dau. Of Casper Jacobse. Hendrick was brother-in-law of the wife of Hendrick Ver Wie (see above) and could have married a sister of Hendrick. (7) In Albany Dutch Church baptismal records he is associated with Elizabeth Lansing (the name of his mother, wife, and daughter), Lysbet Casperse (who could have been wife, daughter, or granddaughter of Casper Jacobse), and with Antje Ver Wey, Lysbet Violet, and Elizabeth Ver Wey. I exclude the wife and granddaughter of Casper on grounds of age. The mother of Hendrick Lansing went by the name of Hendricks and was

remarried to Woulter van den Uythof. Hendrick had a wife in Feb. 1677, presumably Elizabeth. (7) Elizabeth, wife of Hendrick Lansing, testified in a suit 4 May 1683 and was noted as then being with child. (7) Elizabeth Casperse, wife of Hendrick Lansing witnessed a baptism 16 June 1695, New York City Dutch Church. Hendrick Lansing and Lysbet Casperse witnessed baptism of Elizabeth, dau. Of Daniel Brat and Elisabeth Lansing in 1699. The 1697 census lists two children in the Lansing family. (10) Marriages of four of their children were registered in the Albany Dutch Church 1697-1708.

Isaac Casperse, m. ca. 1683.

JACOB CASPERSE, an adult by 1677, must have been born in the early 1650s as the oldest son of Casper Jacobse. Probably in the late 1670s he married Hendrickje Hans Dreeper, daughter of Hans Dreeper and Marytie Pieters – who while still living at New Amsterdam – had a child Hendrick baptised 29 August 1654; this may have been a clerical error for Hendrickje. Han Dreeper and two of Jacob’s children were murdered 29 Jul 1682 by Jacob’s negro, who cut their throats. (7) Hendrickje may have been the Dirkie, widow Hallenbeck, of Albany in 1726. (2)

On 14 September 1677 Jacob exchanged the island bought of Woulter Aertsz Rademaker (van Nieukirk) for Jan Albertse Brat’s land on the Normankill (1), and on 2 November 1682 exchanged the Normankill farm with Symon Volkertse Veeder for a lot called De Hoeck and half a lot at Schenectady, signing his name. (1) Jacob sold De Hoeck 8 June 1687 to Jan Jansen Bleeker. (10) On 16 December 1682 he bought half a boat from Barnet Harmensz Vischer, (1) the other half being owned by Jan Andriesz Douw. They each made four trips to New York with it in 1684. (11) Jacob apparently contracted to buy the other half of this “open boat,” and Jan sued him 2 December 1684 for payment. The debt was adjusted 27 January 1685. (7) In 1685 he held a barn raising. (7) In 1687 Maria Van Rensselaer wrote of Casper Jacobse: “the pasture rents for 3 beavers and the old man cannot manage it, so his son desires to take it over.” (8) In 1688 Jacob Kasperse renewed his request to buy the pasture. (8)

His name appears in the inventory of legal papers of notary Jan Becker taken in 1698. (1) On 28 November 1677 at Albany he witnessed the will of Hendrick Williamse, the second husband of Gysseltie Alberts Brat. The will mentions Jacob’s brother-in-law Hendrick Lansing, whose sister Hilletie married Gysseltie Brat’s brother Storm van der Zee.

From Teunis Tappen he bought Klinkenberg 6 September 1694. (2) He was resident there 22 August 1699 when he was cited for nonappearance before the justices in Albany on a warrant issued to him as constable and collector of the Coxsackie-Catskill area. (2) The 1697 census places him in Rensselaerwyck with five children. (9)

Children of Jacob Casperse and Hendrickje Hanz Dreeper, the last three baptised Albany Dutch Church:

(child), murdered 29 July 1682.

(child), murdered 29 July 1682.

Elizabeth Casperse of Klinkenberg, m. bans Albany Dutch Church, 10 Feb. 1705, Jeremias Muller, son of Cornelis; m. at bride’s father’s house 21 Feb.; his will dated Claverack 20 June 1763, prob. 23 Aug 1763; (12) bapt. Of seven chil. Registered Albany Dutch Church.

Maria Casperse, made first communion, Klinkenberg, 27 Jan 1708/9; m. Loonenberg Lutheran Church, 12 Apr. 1709, Albert Van Loon; nine chil. Registered Loonenberg.

Hans Jacobse (Halenbeck), m. 1712.

Jacob Jacobse (Halenbeck), m. 1715

Casper Jacobse (Halenbek), bp. 31 May 1691, witn. Gerrit and Marietje Lansing.

Johanna (Annetje) Casperse, bp. 17 Jan 1694, witn. Huybert Gerts, Maria Lansing; d. Klinkenberg, 25 Feb. 1711.

Isaac Jacobse (Halenbeck), bp. 23 May 1697, witn. Benoni Van Corlar, Ariaantje Wendell.

JAN CASPERSE (Halenbeck), apparently younger than Jacob and older than Isaac Casperse, must have been the second son of Casper Jacobse. He was buried at Albany 28 Dec 1730. His wife was Rachel Willemse Hoffmeyer, daughter of William Hoffmeyer; she died at Coxsackie 3 March 1729 and was buried 5 March. (2)

In July 1681 Jurian Teuisse Tappen assigned a farm lease to Jan Casperse, to run the remainder of five years. (1) Jan also had a farm on the Normankill, purchased from the estate of Hendrickse Vrooman. (1) He gave surety and leased from Stephen Van Courtland, 29 March 1683, land behind the island, which he had occupied previously for two years. (8) On 14 Apr 1683 he purchased from Martin Gerritsz Van Bergen land at Coxsackie; the flats

called Kaniskeek and a piece of the east side of Coxsackie Creek where Jan’s house and barn stood; the sale was confirmed 24 May 1717. (13)

In 1687 a John Caspers was indicted for causing the death of his negro girl; (9) there is no record of a trial and the indictment may refer to another man. He or his brother Jacob may have been the J. Carper in Captain Dirk Wessel’s Company of the Albany Militia in 1688. (14) In the 1697 census he is listed with four children. (9) He was a justice of the city and county of Albany (the county governing body) 28 December 1699, 17 July 1701, and 7 March 1701/2, as a Coxsackie member. (2) He served as an elder of the Lutheran Church. (15)

Jan was the administrator of the estate of his father-in-law William Hoffmeyer (only son of Geertruy Jeronemus, widow of Joachim Wessels Backer, William’s stepfather). (2) The two estates were entangled and Jan asked the council 22 August 1700 for permission to transfer title to a house to Bay Croesvelt which Bay had bought 22 March 1683 from Joachim and

Geertruy’s estate. (2) Jan also asked for compensation for a house ordered pulled down 18 February 1688/90. (2) However, Hendrick Hanse claimed to have bought the timbers from Hoffmeyer and paid Jan for them. (2) By the act of the Colonial Legislature of 23 December 1717 he was to be paid for supplies to the fort at Albany. (16)

Jan’s name is on the 1720 freeholders list in the Coxsackie-Catskill group. (17) With his brother Jacob, Dirk Van Vechten, and Jochem Collier, he purchased one-third of the Loonenberg Patent. (13) On 2 Nov 1717 he petitioned to be licensed to buy 1000 acres on both sides of the Catskill Creek behind the patents of John Van Loon, Jochim Staats, and Johannes Provost, called the great flats or plain. It was granted 7 Nov 1727 of either the above or additional plots of 300, 100, and 100 acres and some marshes on both side of the Catskill Creek and between Catskill Creek and the “Blew” Mountains. (18) The land apparently lay in the Greenville-Cairo- Durham areas of Greene County.

Jan was one of several Halenbecks who were slave holders, the slaves not necessarily black. On 13 February 1726 the Lutheran pastor baptized at Loonenberg, Herman, about seven months old, the father an unbaptized white slave of Joh. Caspersen, the mother Maria a baptized negress of Casp. Halenbeck. Godparents: her master and mistress Casper Halenbeck and wife Maretje.

His will was signed 6 May 1726 and probated 14 September 1734 names his daughters’ husbands, but most of his property had been distributed by deeds. (12)

Children of Jan Casperse (Halenbeck) and Rachel Willemse (Hoffmeyer):

William Janse Casperse Halenbeck.

Elizabeth Halenbeck, m. Loonenberg, 11 June 1705, Jacob Evertsen of Albany; seven chil. bp. Loonenberg Lutheran Church 1706-1724.

Rachel Halenbeck, m. Jan Jacobse Van Hoesen; widow by 1739; eight chil. bp. Loonenberg 1710-1729.

Maritie Halenbeck, m. Jurrian Klauw of Kinderhook; seven chil. bp. Albany and Loonenberg 1701-1719.

Casper Janse Halenbeck, m. ca. 1711

Rebecca Halenbeck, m. Loonenberg, 8 Mch, 1709, Jan Van Loon of Loonenberg; nine chil. bp. Loonenberg 1711-1719.

Johannes Halenbeck, bp. Albany, 29 July 1694, witn. Hendrick Lansing, Eliz. Ver Weg; d. young.

Johannes Halenbeck, bp. Albany, 10 May 1696, witn. Teunis Dirksz, Catrine Van Petten.

ISAAC CASPERSE HALENBECK, the third son of Casper Jacobse, married about 1683 Dorothy Bosch, daughter of Hendrick Bosch of New York and his second wife Maria Eshuysen. Henry bequeathed one shilling to his daughter Dorothy. (12) She was buried in the Albany Lutheran graveyard 7 February 1744; Isaac died in January 1709.

Isaac was administrator of the estate of his brother-in-law Hendrick Ver Wie 17 November 1684. (7) Two years earlier he was alleged to have threatened Anthony Lespinard with a knife, the act of a hot-headed youth. (7) He was nicknamed “Hop Horse.” He continued the accumulation of Albany property begun by his father, buying in 1695 from Hendrick Van Rensselaer about 24 acres of flood land bordered south by the Beverkill, west by the woods, north by the hills, and east by the swamp. (6) His will also mentions an island in the river above Albany. He may have been the Isaac Holsembeeck, laborer, admitted 17 October 1696 freeman of New York City. He was probably the Isaacq Curpensen who signed petition 30 December 1701 pledging loyalty to king William. (20) He served as deacon of the Albany Lutheran Church. (15) The 1697 census lists him with four children. (9) His will was made 17 November 1708 and probated 28 March 1728. (21)

Children of Isaac Casperse Halenbeck and Dorothy Bosch. Baptized Albany Dutch Church:

Jacob Halenbeck, bp. 19 Oct 1684, witn. Hendrick and Lysbeth Lansing; unmarried; d. Nov. 1709.

Mareitje Halenbeck, bp. 24 Apr. 1687, witn. Hendrick Lansing, Lysbet Violet; d. 19 Jan 1748; m. Albany, 17 Oct 1708, Woulter Vrooman; twelve chil. bp. Albany and Schenectady 1709- 1732.

Hendrick Halenbeck, bp. 13 Mch. 1692, witn. Albert Rykman, Lysbeth Lansing.

Lysbeth Halenbeck, bp. 23 June 1695, witn. Jean Rogi, Maria Lansing; m. (1) Albany, 5 June 1715, Johannes Muller; m. (2) Kinderhook, 29 Jul 1733, Johannes Van Valkenburgh; six Muller and one Van Valkenburgh chil. bp. Albany 1717-1735.

Rachel Halenbeck, bp. 6 Feb. 1698, witn. Daniel Bratt, Maritje Van Alen; m. 11 Oct. 1716, Laurens Pieterse Van Boskerk; lived at Hackensack, N.J.; eight chil. bp. New York Lutheran Church 1718-1742.

Gerret Isaacs Halenbeck, bp. 12 May 1700, witn. Jacob Lansing, Maritje Van Hoesen.

Anna Halenbeck, bp. 24 Mch. 1706, witn. Caspar Van Hoesen, Daniel Bratt, Alida Lansing; d. before 1767; m. Albany, bans 27 Feb. 1727, Benjamin Bogart; nine chil. bp. Albany Dutch Church 1727-1744.

HANS JACOBSE HALENBECK, son of Jacob Casperse Halenbeck and Hendrickje Hans Dreeper of Klinkenberg, made his first communion at Klinkenberg the second Sunday after Trinity 1708. At Loonenberg on Easter 1712 he married Neeltye Van Loon, daughter of Jan Van Loon and Maria Albertz. They lived at Loonenberg Flats, Coxsackie, and Freehold (Durham). He was not on the 1715 militia list, but was listed as a freeholder in 1720. (17) He is probably the Hans Halenbeck of Albany County who dropped dead the night of 2 November 1755 on a sloop in New York Harbor. (22)

Children of Hans Jacobse Halenbeck and Neeltye Van Loon, baptized Loonenberg Lutheran Church:

Jacob Halenbeck, b. 24 Apr. 1713; bp. 3rd Sunday after Easter 1713, witn. Jacob and Hendrickje Halenbeck; m. 20 Sept. 1745, Anna, dau. Of Jan and Marytje Van Schayk; signed Coxsackie Petition 1747 asking for company of officer freeholders (militia) to be formed; (20) not on 1767 map of Rensselaer Manor; in Helderbergs during Revolution. (17) Children bp. Loonenberg Lutheran Church: Jan, b. 28 June 1746, Jacob b. 22 Apr. 1748; Albert, b. 14 Oct. 1750; Casper. B. 12 Dec 1752; Matthys, b. 4 Sept. 1754; Nelletje, b. 16 Oct 1755; Arent, b. 9 Oct. 1756; Catharintje, bp. 12 Trin. 1757; Michael, b. 22 June 1764; Isaac b. 23 Dec. 1768, bp. St. Thomas; Abraham, b. 16 Feb. 1771; Abraham, b. 13 July 1772.

Maria Halenbeck, b. Klinkenberg, 28 Sep. 1714; bp. 7 Nov. 1714, witn. Jan Albertson and maternal grandmother Marytje; m. Loonenberg, 17 Sep. 1732, Nehemias Waring/Warren (b. ca. 1700, son of Richard and Lydia Waring of Bedford, Westchester Co.); one child bp. Loonenberg.

Hanna Halenbeck. B. 6 Oct. 1716; bp. Klinkenberg, 11 Nov. 1716, witn. Jan Casperse and wife Rachel; d. young.

Children of Hans Jacobse Halenbeck and Neeltye Van Loon: cont.

Jan Halenbeck. B. ca. 1720; as son of Hans, m. Loonenberg, 22 July 1741, Hendrickje, dau. Of Casper Jacobse Halenbeck; prob. One who signed Coxsackie Petition 1747; (23) prob. Moved to Freehold ca. 1775. Children bp. Registered Loonenberg Lutheran Church; Mary b. 26 Jan 1742; Johannes, b. 4 Dec. 1743; Casper, b. 18 June 1746; Annatje, b. 22 Dec. 1748; Engeltje, b. 22 Dec. 1748; Jacob, b. 2 Mch. 1751; Rachel, b. 29 June 1752; Lizabeth, bp. 11 Sept. 1754; Jannetje, b. 13 Dec. 1756; Isaac, b. 24 Jan 1761 (father’s name not given).

Matthew “Tys” Halenbeck, b. ca. 1724; as son of Hans, m. 19 May 1749, Catharine, dau. Of Albert and Maria Van Loon; in troops at Oswego 1746; (14) witnessed Loonenberg baptisms before 1769; signed Coxsackie Declaration of 1775. (23) Children bp. registered Loonenberg Lutheran Church: Matheus, b. 13 Aug 1769; Annatje, b. 24 Feb. 1775; Hendrick b. 9 Dec. 1776.

Johanna Halenbeck, b. at home, Loonenberg Flats, 31 Aug. 1726; bp. At home 13 Sep. 1726,

witn. Jan Van Loon and grandmother Marytje Van Loon; m. Jacob Casperse Halenbeck.

Michael Halenbeck, bp. 11 Apr. 1731, 7 wks. Old, witn. Jacob Hallenbeck and wife Mary, father absent; possibly m. (license 5 July 1766) (24) Mary Thornton; in Capt. Edmund Matthews Company, provincial troops, 1755; (14) living on Albany-Schenectady Road 1767 (17) and listed 1790 Schenectady census. Child: Johannes, bp. Schenectady, 15 Feb. 1767 (mother Mary Stearns).

Hendrickje Halenbeck. B. 14 Oct. 1733; bp. 22 Oct 1733, witn. Jan Van Schaayk and wife Marytje.

Albertus Halenbeck, b. 8 Aug. 1736; bp. At father’s house in Freehold, 16 Aug. 1736, witnesses Casper Willemse Hallenbeck and wife Sara.

JACOB JACOBSE HALENBECK, son of Jacob Casperse (Halenbeck) and Hendrickje Hans Dreeper, made his first communion at Klinkenberg the second Sunday after Trinity 1708. Married (license) 18 November 1715 Albany Dutch Church Maria Vischer, daughter Nanning Vischer and Alida Vinhagel. They lived at Klinkenberg. Probably the Jacob Halenbeck in Capt. James Douw’s Company of Militia in 1715, as father too old to serve. (14) On Freeholder’s List 0f 1720. (17) Trustee and deacon of Loonenberg Lutheran Church. (15) Aged in his 50s he made his will 5 July 1746, probated 25 Oct 1799. (21)

Children of Jacob Jacobse Halenbeck and Maria Visher, baptisms registered at Loonenberg Lutheran and Albany Dutch churches:

Children of Jacob Jacobse Halenbeck and Maria Visher: cont.

Geertruy Halenbeck, b. 15 May 1733; bp. Loonenberg, 5 June 1733, witn. Jan Van Loon and wife Rebecca; m. (license) Albany, 12 Mch. 1759, Barent van Benthuysen of Rhinebeck; two children bp. Reg. Rhinebeck and Red Hook.

Jurge Halenbeck, b. 24 Feb. 1734; bp. At house of Casper Janse Halenbeck, Coxsackie, 13 Mch. 1734, witn. Martin Halenbeck and Rachel, wife of Klaas Van Loon; Hannes Klauw in place of father.

CASPER JACOBSE HALENBECK, son of Jacob Casperse (Halenbeck) and Hendrickje Hans Dreeper, was baptized at Albany Dutch Church 31 May 1691, and made his first communion at Klinkenberg 25 April 1714. At Loonenberg in January of 1720 he married Maria Jansen, daughter of Johannis Evertsen. He appears at Albany, but seems to have lived at Klinkenberg.

Children of Casper Jacobse Halenbeck and Maria Jansen, baptized at Loonenberg unless other wise noted:

Henrichye Halenbeck, b. Nov. 1720; bp. Albany Lutheran Church, 1 Jan 1721, witn. Jan

Evertse and wife Martje; m. Jan Hallenbeck.

Jacob Halenbeck, b. 28 Sep. 1722; bp. Klinkenberg, 25 Dec. 1722, witn. Jacob Halenbeck and Maria, wife of Albert Van Loon; m. Hanna/Johanna Halenbeck; signed Coxsackie Petition 1747. (20) Children bp. Loonenberg and St. Thomas: Casper, b. 6 Jul 1752; Maria, bp. 21 Oct. 1753; Johannes, bp. 3 Jan. 1760; Jacob, bp. 9 Aug. 1762; Annatje, bp. St. Thomas, 21 May 1765.

Engletje Halenbeck, as Casper’s daughter, m. Loonenberg, 13 Dec. 1744, Nicholas Paree (son of Jan/Johannes and Annetje Paree); five children bp. Reg. Loonenberg.

Mary Halenbeck, b. 22 June 1727; bp. At house of Jan Van Loon, 9 July 1727, witn. Jacob Evertsen, Jacob Halenbeck and wife Mary.

Elizabeth Halenbeck, b. 21 Sep. 1729; bp. 7 Dec. 1729, witn. Albert Van Loon and Lisabeth, wife of Jeremias Muller; d. young.

Jan Halenbeck, b. 21 Sep. 1731; bp. 21 Nov. 1731, witn. Jan Evertse and Annatje, wife of Matthys Van Loon.

Lisabeth Halenbeck, b. 22 Oct. 1733; bp. 4 Nov. 1733, witn. Albert Van Loon and wife Maria.

Johanna Halenbeck, b. 22 Oct. 1733, bp. 4 Nov. 1733, witn. Leibetje Mullers and Mattys Van Loon; m. Loonenberg, Friday Trinity 1755, Andreas Van Orden; one child bp. Loonenberg.

WILLIAM JANSE CASPERSE HALENBECK, son of Jan Casperse (Halenbeck) and Rachel Willemse (Hoffmeyer), died 2 March 1754. He married first 23 May 1697, Fytje Van Vechten, daughter of Dirk Van Vechten and Jannetje Michaelsz Vreland. She died 15 November 1722. He married, second, (bans) 8 July 1723, Cornelia Van Deusen, widow of Matthew Goes. He is listed in the 1697 census, (9) served in Captain Jonas Dow’s Militia Company in 1715, (14) was constable and collector for Coxsackie and Catskill 7 March 1701, was in Claverack by 1720, (17) and had an Indian deed for land at Canaan, Connecticut. (26) He was a deacon of the Linlithgow Church.

Children of William Janse Casperse Halenbeck and Fytje Van Vechten, baptized Albany Dutch Church and Kingston Dutch Church:

Rachel Halenbeck, b. 10 Oct. 1697; bp. 14 Nov. 1697, witn. Teunis Dirkse and Caatje Teunisz; d. 10 Jan. 1744/45; m. Albany, 9 Sept. 1719, Stoffel/Christopher Muller (bp. 19 Nov. 1696, d. 26 Mch. 1746, son of Cornelis and Hilletje [Lockermans] Muller); six children.

Dirk Halenbeck, b. 11 July 1699; bp. 10 Sep. 1699, witn. Daniel Brat and Santje Brat; d. 23 Mch. 1731; m. Loonenberg, 9 Nov. 1722, Commertje Conyn; in militia 1715; (14) witnessed Adam Dingman’s will at house of Peter Cool, Manor Rensselaerwyck, 21 Jan. 1721; (21) at

Claverack by 1727. Children bp. Albany, Linlithgow, and Claverack: Fytie, bp. 9 June 1723; Alida, bp. 22 May 1725; Rachel, bp. 7 Feb 1727; Janitje, m. Jan Hans van Hoesen; Eva?, m. 12 Oct. 1748, Linlithgow, Casper Conyn.

Jan Halenbeck, b. 1 Feb. 1701; bp. 27 Apr. 1701, witn. Gerrit Teunisse Van Vechten and Grietje Van Vechten; will dated Egremont, Mass., 10 May 1771, recorded Pittsfield, Mass., Jan. 1779; m. Linlithgow, 8 Aug. 1724, Catharina Goes (step-sister). At Claverack 1727; of Taghkanick 1751 when he petitioned with his sons, brother Michael, and Michael’s sons for a Massachusetts land grant. (27) The Massachusetts survey of 1751 showed him a resident for 17 years and holding 70 acres. (27) Signed a petition 3 Dec. 1754 to Massachusetts for protection from the Indians. Ordered out of Livingston Manor 1753 and evicted 23 June 1755. (17) Had an Indian deed for land, Egremont, Mass., 1756, and Copake, N.Y., land 1757. By his will he devised Claverack land to son William, Mass., land to son Michael, and Taghkanick claims to his daughters. Children bp. Albany, Claverack, Linlithgow, and Germantown: Fytje, bp. 3

Oct. 1725; Cornelia, bp. Claverack, early 1727; Sarah, b. 14 Oct. 1729; Christyne, b. 21 Jan 1732; William, b. ca. 1734; Lenah, m. Robert Halenbeck; Michael, b. 15 Feb 1739; Christina, bp. Linlithgo, 16 Aug. 1741; Catharina, bp. Germantown, 2 Dec. 1743; Rachel, b. 20 Feb. 1746.

Samuel Halenbeck, b. 30 Apr. 1703; bp. 13 June 1703, witn. Philip Leendertje Conyn and Anna Van Vechten; m. (1) Kinderhook, ca. 31 Jan 1731, Lysbeth Conyn (living 6 Jan. 1751), dau. Casper and Allete Winne Conyn; m. (2) Loonenberg, 1 July 1752, Jannetje Van Hoesen; will dated Livingston Manor, 23 Feb. 1779; probated Poughkeepsie, 17 Oct. 1794; (28) d. 1791 and buried on Pulver Corners Road east of Knickerbacker homestead. Bastard child by step-sister Marytje Goes: Samuel, b. 19 Mch. 1731. Children by first wife: William, b. 22 July 1731; Fytje, b. 11 Dec 1733; Casper, bp. Kingston, 30 Apr. 1738; Aletha, bp. Germantown, 4 Oct. 1735.

Casper Willemse Halenbeck, b. 24 Oct. 1705; bp. 7 Jan. 1705/6, witn. Jurrien Claeuw and Weyntje Conyn; m. Sarah, bp. 6 June 1705, dau. Jan Jurge and Jannetje Van Hoesen; Claverack freeholder 1763. (29) Children bp. Loonenberg: William, b. 22 Mch. 1731; Jan, b. 12 Sep. 1732; Samuel, b. 26 Sept. 1734; Jannetje, b. 18 Feb. 1736; William, b. 16 Mch. 1738; Samuel, b. 20 Jan. 1740; Cornelis, b. 25 Jan. 1742; Jannetje, b. 21 May 1745.

Michael Halenbeck, b. 22 Sept. 1706; bp. 9 Mch. 1707, witn. Reyier Meyndertse Van Yveren and Alida Lansing; m. Linlithgow, 26 Jan. 1725, Christyne Goes; lived near brother Jan on west side of Taghkanuck Mtn., where the 1751 Mass. survey found him with 70 acres and a tenant for 18 years. Associated with brothers and sons in Indian deeds and petitions for Massachusetts intervention in the land dispute with Livingston. (27) Massachusetts legislature voted 14 Sept. 1753 to try and obtain his release from Dutchess County jail; escaped before 1 Oct.; among persons who seized Albany high sheriff; still on farm in Mch. 1755, denied being commissioned Capt. Of Mass. Militia; ousted about this time; a Mass. garrison at his house 9 Nov. 1755. (17) Children bp. Linlithgow, Loonenberg, and Gaghemeko: William, bp. 23 May 1725; Matthew, m. Marytie Muller; Fytje, b. 22 Mch. 1729; Jan, b. 16 May 1731; Robert, m. Lenah Halenbeck; Dirk, b. 16 July 1736; Cornelia, b. 22 Mch. 1739;

Abraham, b. 4 Nov. 1741; Ephraim, b. 17 Nov. 1743; Michael, b. 22 May 1748.

Abraham Halenbeck, b. 5 Dec. 1708; bp. 9 Jan. 1708/9, witn. Dirk Conyn and Anatje Van Vegten; m. Linlithgow (undated, ca. 1739), Elizabeth Brown. Proprietor of Canaan Ct.; deed from his father and Peter Hogeboom recorded Sept. 1739. Children: William, bp. Linlithgow, 24 Jan. 1739; Lt. John, undated bp. South Canaan Congregational Church; Phyebe, bp. Canaan, undated; Mary, bp. Canaan, undated; Samuel, bp. Germantown, 2 Feb. 1749.

Jerdon Halenbeck, b. 9 Sept. 1710; bp. Kingston Dutch Church, 24 June 1711; m. Catskill, 3 Sept. 1734, Maritje, dau. Of Jacob Schermerhorn and Johanna Beekman; at Hudson, 1790 census; will dated Hudson, 2 Feb. 1795; prob. 22 Dec. 1795. (28) Children bp. Linlithgow and Germantown: Fytje, bp. 8 Feb. 1734; Hannah, [m. Lendert Herder]; Rachel, bp. 23 Jan. 1739; Jacob, bp. 24 Feb. 1741; William, bp. 2 Dec. 1743; Hendrick, bp. 20 May 1746; Rachel, bp. 5 June 1749; Neeltje, bp. (1 or 17) June 1752; Marytje, bp. 27 Oct. 1754; Jerome, bp. 22 Apr. 1759; John, bp. 1 Nov. 1761.

Jannetje Halenbeck, b. 13 June 1713; bp. 5 July 1713, witn. Jacob Muller, Philip Conyn, Catie Renselaer; m. Gabriel Brusie [b. 15 Jan. 1709, son of Nicholas and Catelyn (Bont) Brusie]; eleven children bp. Germantown, Loonenberg, and Linlithgow.

Sarah Halenbeck, b. 25 July 1715; bp. 4 Sept. 1715, witn. Daniel and Elizabeth Bratt; m. James Gardner; nine children bp. Linlithgow and Germantown.

CASPER JANSE HALENBECK, son of Jan Casperse (Halenbeck) and Rachel Willemse (Hoffmeyer), made his first communion at Klinkenberg on the second Sunday after Trinity 1708. He married Maddalena Martins (Collier?) and lived in the Loonenberg area. He was probably in Capt. Jonas Douw’s Militia Company in 1715. (14) He was a freeholder in Catskill in 1720. (17) He was a deacon and elder of the Loonenberg Lutheran Church. (15) His will, dated 26 July 1754, was probated 17 Aug 1756, and devised his lands: Coxsackie to son Martin, the Flatts to son William, his half share of Caniskeck Patent (Loonenberg) and one-sixth share Freehold Patent to all three sons. He also made bequest to several grandchildren. (12)

Children of Casper Janse Halenbeck and Maddalena Martins, Loonenberg Lutheran Church records:

Jan Casperse Halenbeck, b. Coxsackie, 1 Sept. 1712; bp. 23 Nov. 1712, witn. Jan Casper Halenbeck and wife Rachel (in her place Maritje Klauw); m. Martyje Bronk, dau. Of Peter and Annatje Bogardus Bronk; witnessed 1744 will of Rev. Wm. Berkenmeyer; (12) signed Coxsackie petition of 1747, (20) Children bp. Coxsackie and Loonenberg: Casper Jansen; Catharina, bp. 23 Dec. 1736; Petrus, b. 13 Dec. 1738; Johannes; William, b. 31 Jan 1744; Marlentje, b. 16 June 1745; Commertje, b. 24 Feb. 1748; Cornelia, b. 12 June 1749; Rachel, b. 2 May 1752; Commertje, b. 24 Jan 1756.


Mary Marlentje Halenbeck, b. 12 Dec. 1713; bp. Loonenberg Flats, 4th Advent., witn. Jacob Halenbeck and Hendrickje Halenbeck; m. Loonenberg, 29 Sept. 1733, Hannes, son of Jurge Klauw; will dated 22 Jan. 1785, prob. Nov. 1785; ten children bp. Loonenberg.

Martin Halenbeck, b. Flatts, 15 Sept. 1717; bp. 17 Nov. 1717, witnesses Jan Jansen Halenbeck and Volckje Collier; m. Loonenberg, 30 Jan. 1736, Annatje Wormers, dau. Of Cornelius; received Coxsackie land from father militia captain 1757, 1767, Colonel 1770; was paid L4.5.0 by act of 20 Oct. 1764 for wagon lost in service. (16) Signed Coxsackie Declaration 17 May 1775; levy on him for an ox for army use 21 June 1780. (23) Children bp. Loonenberg: Casper, b. 12 June 1737; Magdalena, b. 22 Nov. 1739; Cornelis, b. 20 Sept. 1742; Hannah, b. 12 Jan. 1744; Casper, b. 16 Jan. 1745; Cornelis, b. 3 Apr. 1747; Annatje, b. 12 Jan. 1749; Cornelius, b. 19 Mch. 1751; Rachel, b. 19 Apr. 1752; Abraham, bp. 27 Feb. 1755; Isaacs, bp. 27 Feb. 1755; Catharina, b. 10 Dec. 1759.

William Halenbeck, b. Flatts, 15 Sept. 1717; bp. 17 Nov. 1717, witn. Jurgens Klaeus and wife Maertje; m. Loonenberg, 5 Feb. 1745, Annatje Colliers, dau. Of Jochem and Christina; received Flatts land from father; executor of will of Rev. Wm. Berkenmeyer; (12) signed Coxsackie petition in 1747. (20) Children bp. Loonenberg: Casper, b. 24 Mch. 1746; Christyne, b. 20 Jan. 1748; Isaac, b. 9 Jan. 1750; Jochem, b. 30 Mch. 1752; Martin, b. 25 Feb. 1755; William, b. 16 June 1760; Elsje, m. Nicholas Van Loon.

Rachel Halenbeck, m. Loonenberg, 15 Dec. 1738, Jacob Halenbeck.[ed. note. Jacob was son of Jacob Jacobse Halenbeck and Hendrickje Hans Dreeper]

Cornelia Halenbeck, b. 17 Jan. 1722; bp. Apr. 1722, witn. Jan Jacobsen and wife Rachel; not named in her father’s will 1754.

Cathryne Halenbeck, b. 22 Jan. 1726; bp. Loonenberg, Quinquagesima 1726, witn. Casper Halenbeck and Rachel, wife of Klaas Van Loon; not named in father’s will 1754; may have m. Hendrick Kilmer.

JOHANNES HALENBECK, son of Jan Casperse Halenbeck and Rachel Willemse (Hoffmeyer), was baptized Albany Dutch Church, 10 May 1696, and made his first communion at Albany Lutheran Church Easter 1716. He married 11 Oct. 1716, Willentje Van Boskerk. In militia in 1715 (14) Will dated 26 August 1723 and probated at Elizabeth, New Jersey, 11 July 1737. (30)

Children of Johannes Halenbeck and Willentje Van Boskerk, baptisms registered in Loonenberg and New York Lutheran Church records:

Catharina Halenbeck, b. 5 Nov. 1717; bp. House of Jan Casperse, Coxsackie, 2 Dec. 1717, witn. Jan Casperse and wife Rachel.

Rachel Halenbeck, b. 8 Aug 1719; bp. New York, 2 Oct. 1719, witn. Peter Van Boskerk and wife Trintge; m. license 11 July 1737, James Marshall.

Jannitje/Jane Halenbeck, b. June 1721; bp. New York, 24 Sept. 1721, witn. Andreas Pietersse Van Boskerk and Jannatje Van Boskerk; m. license 4 Apr. 1738, Benjamin Ilslee (d. 1756, of Woodbridge and Elizabeth, N.J.).

HENDRICK ISAACZ HALENBECK, son of Isaac Casperse (Halenbeck) and Dorothy Bosch, was baptized Albany Dutch Church, 13 March 1692, and died 7 July 1766. He married (bans) 2 December 1718, Susanna Bratt, baptized 31 October 1697, daughter of Daniel Bratt and Elizabeth Lansing. He served in Captain Johannes Mingael’s militia company in 1716. (14) He was Firemaster in 1719, (2) and 1st Ward freeholder in 1742. (2) Aged about sixteen at the time of his father’s death, he inherited and enlarged Albany area lands of his father and grandfather. His siblings unsuccessfully contested his inheritance; an Isaac Vrooman memorandum of 1767, written for the suit, provides much family data. His holding in the south part of Albany ran from the plain to Arch Street, adjoined General Schuyler, had the river on the east, Eagle Street on the west, and included an island in the river (which Isaac [his father] began to purchase before he died), for a total of about 1800 acres. Hendrick established the Hallenbake burial ground at the southwest corner of South Pearl and Hamilton Streets; the bodies were later reinterred in the Rural Cemetery. He laid out Hallenbak Street (renamed Grand) through his land. (6) His will was dated 19 Nov. 1764. (21)

Children of Hendrick Isaacz Halenbeck and Susanna Bratt, all baptized Albany Dutch Church:

Isaac Halenbeck, bp. 12 Apr. 1719, witn. Lybetie Bratt, Jr., Johannes Muller; m. Albany, license 20 Dec. 1741, Gerritje Van Woerden; lived Altmont 1763; disappeared, according to his father’s 1764 will. (21) Children bp. Albany Dutch Church: Hendrick, bp. 24 June 1744; Hendrick, bp. 7 July 1745; Nicholas, bp. 20 Dec. 1747; Daniel, “Jr.,” bp. 19 Nov. 1749.

Elizabeth Halenbeck, bp. 5 Feb. 1721, witn. Dirk and Elizabeth Bratt; buried 18 Feb. 1725. Dorothy Halenbeck, bp. 14 July 1723, witn. Isaack Fonda, Anna Halenbeck.

Elizabeth Halenbeck, bp. 3 Oct. 1725, witn. Gerret and Elyz. Muller; m. William Helling/Hellen; three children bp. Albany.

Daniel Halenbeck, bp. 10 Dec. 1727, witn. Barn. Bratt and Elyz. Muller; m. (1) Hendrikje Hilton (d. Sept. 1755). M. (2) Kinderhook, 19 May 1759, Catharine Quackenbush; lived at Albany and East Greenbush (joined the church there 4 Oct. 1792 and died there); proprietor of Schneider Patent, Rensselaer Co., with a number of N. J. people; patent petition 8 July 1761, granted 24 Mch. 1762; (18) suspected Loyalist, but took oath 11 Oct. 1777; (25) of Rensselaerville in 1790 census. Children bp. Albany: Susanna, bp. 18 Mch. 1753; Maria, bp. 22 June 1755; Maria, bp. 15 Nov. 1760; Hendrick, b. 18 July 1762; Elizabeth, b. 12 Aug. 1765; Dorothy, b. 30 Mch. 1768; Johannes, b. 22 Nov. 1770.

Susanna Halenbeck, bp. 18 Apr. 1730, witn. Benj. And Marg. Bratt; buried 21 Nov. 1770.

Gerrit Halenbeck, bp. 2 Apr. 1732, witn. G. Halenbeck, Elyz. Brat; served in Capt. Abraham C. Cuyler’s Albany Co. Militia Company 1767; (14) paid for supplies by Albany Co. Comm. Of Correspondence; (31) in Half Moon Militia during the Revolution. (32)

Hendrick Halenbeck, bp. 29 July 1734, witn. Hendricus Brat, Catharine Van Vegte; buried 28 Sept. 1750.

Jacob (James) Halenbeck, b. 24 Oct. 1736; possibly the Gerret [sic] bp. 29 Oct. 1736, witn. William Halenbeck, Maryte Bratt; m. Albany Dutch Church, license 28 Sept. 1772, Ytje/Eder Bratt, dau. Of Anthony Daniel Bratt and Christina La Grange; in militia 1767; (14) paid for supplies by Albany Co. Comm. Of Correspondence; (31) 1790 census lists him in 1st Ward, Albany. Family tradition says he was an overseas trader. Children b. and bp. Albany: Henry, b. (abroad?0 ca. 1772/3; Anthony, b. 24 Dec. 1775, unm.; Gerrit, b. 20 Jul 1779; John, b. 20 Oct. 1791.

Anthony Halenbeck, bp. 20 Dec. 1738, witn. Anthony Brad, Marytje Van Oostrandt; d. 25 Dec. 1805, aged 65; Albany Rural Cemetery; m. Albany, 12 Dec. 1766, Cornelia Cooper [bp. 4 Dec 1748, dau. Jacob and Josina (Orchard) Cooper, d. 23 Feb. 1840]. Lived Albany 1st Ward; served in 1st Regiment Albany Co. Militia during Revolution; (32) listed in 1790 census, will probated Albany, 2 Jan. 1809. (33) Children bp. Albany Dutch Church: Hendrick, b. 14 Sept. 1767; Josina, b. 19 Aug. 1769; Jacob, b. 22 Feb. 1771; Susanna, b. 26 Feb. 1773; Josina, b. 8 Dec. 1774; Gerrit, b. 24 Nov. 1776; Obadia, b. 8 Jan. 1779; Anthony, b. 21 Nov. 1780; Thomas, b. 9 May 1783; Dorothea, b. 16 Feb. 1786; Daniel, b. 23 Aug. 1788.

William Halenbeck, bp. 28 June 1741; witn. Isaac and Dorothea Halenbeck; buried 1 July 1741.

Bernados Halenbeck, bp. 15 Apr. 1744, witn. Bernardus Brat, Elizabeth Halenbeck; buried 21 Oct. 1792; m. 1766, Neeltje Clark; Lieut., 1st Regt. Albany Co. Militia, 1778; resigned by 1780; (34) paid for supplies by Albany Co. Comm. Of Correspondence; (31) listed at Albany in 1790 census; will probated Albany, 13 Feb. 1815. (33) Children: Henry, b. 11 Oct. 1766; Cornelia, b. 22 Oct. 1768; Isaac, bp. 20 Dec. 1770; Dorothea, m. 7 Sept. 1790, Spencer Stafford; Mary; Bernard, b. 14 Feb. 1776; Patrick, b. 13 Sept. 1781; Catalina, b. 3 Apr. 1784.

GERRET ISAACS HALENBECK, son of Isaac Casperse (Halenbeck) and Dorothy Bosch, was baptized Albany Dutch Church, 12 May 1700, and died ca. 1760, when Gerrit, Jr., was appointed administrator of his estate. (12) He married Thomassine Earle, born Secausus, New Jersey, 6 October 1704, daughter of Edward Earle and Elsie Vreeland. They lived at Hackensack, New Jersey. Probably it was his widow, as Tamise Halenbeck who, in 1761, married Hendrick Van Alen.

Children of Gerret Isaacs Halenbeck and Thomassine Earle, baptized New York Lutheran Church:

Dorothy Halenbeck, b. ca. 1727; m. 16 Nov. 1743, Laurens Jansen Van Boskerk, both of Hackensack; three children bp. N.Y. Lutheran Church.

Edward Halenbeck, b. 29 Feb. 1730; bp. 20 June 1730, witn. Jan Van Morden and wife Dorothea; d. 19 Oct. 1742.

Marytje Halenbeck, b. 8 July 1732; bp. 1732, witn. Erik Christiaan Hoyer and wife Catharina; m. Schraalenburgh, 30 Nov. 1750, Lorens Jacobsen Van Hoorn.

Gerrit Halenbeck, b. 8 Sept. 1734; bp. 22 Dec. 1734, witn. Hans Van Hoorn and wife Jannetje; executor of father’s will 1760; on rate lists of Bergen Township, 1784-1792. (35) Child: Rebecca, b. 30 Aug. 1758.

Isaac Halenbeck, b. 3 Dec. 1738; bp. 10 Dec. 1738, witn. Tennie Erle and wife Saintje; of Hanover, m. Acquakaneck, 14 Apr. 1763, Eva Slot, dau. Peter Slot and Anna Maria Lein; Surgeon’s Mate and Paymaster, Col. Boskerk’s Bn., Skinner’s Brigade, New Jersey Loyalist Volunteers; ca. Sept. 1783, petitioned Sir Guy Carleton, stating his property confiscated, he was about to embark for Nova Scotia with wife and six dependent children; (36) probably returned to New Jersey, or did not leave. Peter Slot in his will dated Hackensack, 19 Mch. 1784 left property to Eva. Isaac’s name on Rate Lists of Pompton and Saddle River 1790-1820, (35) in conjunction with a Gerret, probably his son. Children baptized New York Lutheran Church: Jacob, b. 14 July 1777; Elizabeth, b. 5 Jan. 1780.

Jacob Halenbeck, b. 16 Aug. 1742; bp. 29 Aug. 1742, witn. Laurens Laurensen Van Boskerk and wife Sara; m. license 16 Mch. 1762, Sinty (Elizabeth) Foord; moved to Schneider Patent, Schatikoke, Rensselaer Co.; Lieut., 14th Regt., Albany Militia during Revolution. (34) Children bp. Schaghticoke: Isaac, b. 16 Oct. 1776; James, b. 28 May 1779.


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Of the children of Casper Jacobse three sons and two daughters can be identified. No proof was found of an alleged daughter, Catherine Casperse, said to have married Jurrian Janse Van Hoesen, or of another alleged daughter, Agnaetje Casperse, said to have married Leendert Philipse Conyn. The Catharine, wife of Pieter Lassen was a Hoffmyer. Agnitje Caspers, married Gerret Van Wie, was a Conyn.

 Place: New York

 Description: The following contribution is from Ray E. Hollenbeck. HALENBECK FAMILY OF NEW YORK Source: National Genealogical Society Quarterly Volume 65, June 1977, Number 2 by Robert Vincent Anderson

“Sometimes I wonder why words can’t actually make us bleed”

I’m part of a couple therapy groups in real life and on social media supporting family members and friends of people with mental illnesses. Someone posted some text messages between them and their borderline SO and for more than a moment I thought they were MY texts, I got those crazy stomach rushes like it was happening all over again. It feels good to know I’m not alone in this, to get guidance from other people who have experienced similar things. It’s so terrifying that their are mood disorders and diseases that make people split so hard they don’t understand reality anymore. I wish I could save everyone in the world from themselves. But my life would have been a lot easier from the start if I could just STOP doing that. I am who I am, and I just want to cocoon everyone in a bunch of love they don’t want. 😦 We do what we can I guess, but sometimes you can’t continue to love someone who has no sense of self without losing yourself in the process. I did lose myself, I became a totally mombie, night day and late nights, working nights. Essentially alone, and then abandoned. It’s been a long road but I’m glad I’m finding that woman again. I’m never letting anyone take her away again.

“In a world of haunting mirrors,
your eyes should have been closed.
Instead you lost your shadow,
to become, like them, a ghost.

Immersed within a mist of death,
you withered in the light
and left your disillusioned soul
to tremble in the night.

Look beyond the fear and take it back.
The contours of your spirit
make them black.
You just have to